Cisco Business Edition 6000S Server Router Gateway (4 FXO + 10 CUBE)(BE6S-FXO-M2-K9)

Cisco Business Edition 6000S Server Router Gateway Cisco Business Edition 6000S server router gateway is the new member of the Cisco Business Edition BE6000 family. Cisco BE6S-FXO-M2-K9 provides the Cisco Unified solution for small enterprises, ideally for the cooperation or branch offices that have less than 150 users and 300...


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Cisco Business Edition 6000S Server Router Gateway

Cisco Business Edition 6000S server router gateway is the new member of the Cisco Business Edition BE6000 family. Cisco BE6S-FXO-M2-K9 provides the Cisco Unified solution for small enterprises, ideally for the cooperation or branch offices that have less than 150 users and 300 devices. Moreover, BE6S-FXOM2-K9 platform based on the Cisco ISR 2921 ISR chassis with integrated UCS E160D M2 blade server, the solution offers routing gateway,

Security and collaboration services all together in a single box. The solution comes with 3 options for the customer to choose from. You can select either one 4-port FXO, one 1-port PRI, or a 2-port BRI interface card for connection to the PSTN network. The customer can easily expend additional interfaces or functions by purchasing an interface module or feature licensing. The preloaded applications software was preconfigured with 5 fixed UC applications, including Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Instant Messaging, and Presence Service, Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning, Cisco Paging Server.

  • Maximum number of users: - 150
  • Maximum number of mailboxes and voicemail ports: - 150 mailboxes and 24 voicemail ports
  • Number of presence users: - 150
  • Number of devices supported: - 300
  • The maximum number of fixed applications: - A fixed combination of Five applications: Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Instant Messaging, and Presence Service, Cisco Paging Server, plus Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning (management). Additional Cisco and third-party applications are not supported.
  • Fulfillment Type: Subscription
  • Maintenance Included: Yes
  • Due to manufacturer restrictions, all sales on this item are final.
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