Barco Wireless Presenter - The Ultimate Guide

The Barco Wireless Presenter

The Barco Wireless Presenter is an excellent tool for presentations that require a lot of screen space. It features a large display, which makes it easy to see all of your slides at once.

Barco Wireless Presenter - A Complete Overview

This device has been designed with ease of use in mind. You simply plug it into any standard AC power outlet and connect it to your computer via USB cable. Once connected, you can start presenting immediately.

ClickShare wireless presentation system

With Barco Clickshare Wireless Presenters; No cables and no hassle for guests and visitors to share their screen and join the conversation. Gone is the mess of having a hard time connecting your laptop to the room system. ClickShare Present, the agnostic & wireless presentation system, truly makes sharing content effortless in any meeting room.  

You walk into the room with your laptop, tablet or smart phone. ClickShare automatically

  • Detects your presence
  • Connects you to the room display and devices
  • Instantly helps you share content

All it takes, is one click to get effective collaboration flowing for team members, but also for your guests. With ClickShare Present, you can share presentations, videos and platforms without having to mess with wires, cables and adapters. It’s making presentation simple, easy and completely wireless. 

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Talinda Express customers enjoy usig Barco wireless presetation systems in their meeting rooms as it enables them to;  

  • Meeting room users can bring their own device BOYD and not worry about connectors needed to complete a presentation
  • Split screen and show more than one content on the screen when needed
  • Be more productive
  • Enables presentations to be linke to video conference and other collaboration systems happening at the same time

 Your meeting room is top of class, add Barco clickshare to mak life easier and cool

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