VoIP Gateways

VoIP Gateways, featuring Modular, VoIP Analog FXO / FXS, VoIP E1 PRI and VoIP GSM Gateways, are the surest and most cost-effective way to transition to new technology. They act as translators between analogue phones and an IPBX system, a legacy PBX and a SIP trunk, a Legacy PBX system and an IPBX system, and an IPBX system and a PSTN connection These solutions are compliant with multiple protocols including SIP, H.323 and MGCP, and are T.38 compliant as well (for faxing). They support G.711, G.723.1, G.726, and G.729A voice codecs and boast of features like echo cancellation, Jitter Buffer, VAD and CNG. They are crucial for least cost routing, directing specific calls to the provider that will charge the least amount per minute for that particular call. They can also be used as a backup solution for a SIP Trunk especially at locations that need 24/7 uptime, and as a backup solution to fully hosted IPBX as they oversee the continuation of making and receiving both internal and external calls until the connection with the IPBX is reestablished. VoIP Gateways also lower the burden on an IPBX server as they can handle all codec translation – allowing the server processor to focus on other functions. Talinda Express sells, delivers and installs D-Link, Grandstream, Matrix, OpenVox, Yeastar and other brands of VoIP Gateways to offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Murang’a, Kiambu, Kakamega, Kisii and all major towns in Kenya as well as neighbouring countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, South Sudan and Zambia. Solutions include 4 port, 8 port, 16 port, 24 port, and 48 port VoIP Gateways.
Grandstream HT814 Telephone Adapter



GSM VoIP Gateway DVG-6004G