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Showing 1 - 24 of 61 products
Outrack 15Meters Hdmi Cable - TalindaExpress
Outrack Outrack 15Meters Hdmi Cable
Sale priceKSh8,450.00
Outrack 10Meters Hdmi Cable - TalindaExpress
Outrack Outrack 10Meters Hdmi Cable
Sale priceKSh5,850.00
USB3.0 to RJ45(1000mbps)+HUB 3.0,27CM(17CM+10*3*2 cm) - TalindaExpress
Type-C to HDMI+USB3.0+PD(TYPE-C),150*58*15MM - TalindaExpress
Samsung 43 Inch Smart TV ? 43N5300 ? Full HD - TalindaExpress
Save KSh5,396.00
TV Screens
LG LG 55UM7340PVA 55 Inch Smart 4K UHD TV
Sale priceKSh84,604.00 Regular priceKSh90,000.00
OUT-HDMI 2Meters
Outrack Outrack 2Meters Hdmi Cable
Sale priceKSh1,560.00
Office Point HC-1.8M HDMI Cable
Sale priceKSh990.00
Outrack 1*2 HDMI Splitter
Outrack Outrack 1*2 HDMI Splitter
Sale priceKSh7,150.00
OUT-HDMI 25Meters
Outrack Outrack 1Meter Hdmi Cable
Sale priceKSh1,300.00
hoteza hotpad pressreader
Office Point HC-3M HDMI Cable
Sale priceKSh1,750.00
Office Point HC-15M HDMI Cable
Sale priceKSh5,890.00
Type-C to USB+2*SD+Mirco USB ,55*33*10MM - TalindaExpress
Outrack 1*8 HDMI Splitter
Outrack Outrack 1*8 HDMI Splitter
Sale priceKSh19,305.00
Outrack 20Meters Hdmi Cable
Outrack Outrack 20Meters Hdmi Cable
Sale priceKSh9,750.00
Outrack 1*4 HDMI Splitter
Outrack Outrack 1*4 HDMI Splitter
Sale priceKSh13,325.00
hoteza Hotel Operations SOS
type-c to VGA,180*38*13mm - TalindaExpress

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