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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
Ruckus H320 unleashed Access Point
Ruckus Ruckus H320 In-Room AP
Sale priceKSh29,402.65
Ruckus R610 Unleashed
Ruckus RUCKUS R610 Access Point
Sale priceKSh83,672.61
Save KSh33,761.27
Ruckus T310 outdoor Access Point
Ruckus RUCKUS T310 Outdoor AP Access Point
Sale priceKSh89,000.00 Regular priceKSh122,761.27
Save KSh4,000.00
Ruckus RUCKUS R310 & R310 Unleashed Access Points
Sale priceKSh32,000.00 Regular priceKSh36,000.00
RUCKUS R730 Zoneflex Indoor Access Point
Ruckus RUCKUS R730 Access Point
Sale priceKSh161,491.87
Save KSh34,068.19
RUCKUS R720 Unleashed
Ruckus RUCKUS R720 Access Point
Sale priceKSh87,000.00 Regular priceKSh121,068.19
Ruckus T610 Unleashed AP
Ruckus RUCKUS T610 Access Point
Sale priceKSh163,818.55
RUCKUS R850 Unleashed
Ruckus Ruckus R850 Access Point
Sale priceKSh0.00
Ruckus Zoneflex H510
Ruckus Point-to-point bridge p300
Ruckus RUCKUS P300 Point-to-Point pair
Sale priceKSh196,664.37
RUCKUS Point to Point Bridge P300
Ruckus RUCKUS P300 Single unit
Sale priceKSh98,126.90
RUCKUS R710 Unleashed
Ruckus RUCKUS R710 Access Point
Sale priceKSh121,068.19
The RUCKUS R320 Access Point if a great WIFI solution for your office spaces. Buy Ruckus indoor Wireless AP at Talinda Express
Ruckus RUCKUS R320 Access Point
Sale priceKSh38,000.00
RUCKUS T710 Unleashed AP
Ruckus RUCKUS T710 Access Point
Sale priceKSh245,933.11
Ruckus R750 Unleashed
Ruckus RUCKUS R750 Access Point
Sale priceKSh0.00
Ruckus M510 LTE Mobile WiFi
Ruckus RUCKUS M510 Access Point
Sale priceKSh123,000.00
Ruckus R550 Unleashed
RUCKUS C110 Unleashed
Ruckus RUCKUS C110 Access Point
Sale priceKSh0.00
Ruckus T750 unleashed
Ruckus RUCKUS T750 Access Point
Sale priceKSh0.00
Ruckus R650 Unleashed
Ruckus RUCKUS R650 Access Point
Sale priceKSh0.00
Buy Ruckus H550 Unleashed Access Point at Talinda Express
Ruckus 9U1-T750-XX01 Unleashed Access PointsRuckus 9U1-T750-XX01 Unleashed Access Points

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