Wireless IP Telephony System – Law Offices Kenya

Wireless IP Telephony System – Law Offices Kenya

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IP Telephony Solution for Law Offices in Nairobi, Kenya

Today, organizations are working to be more accessible and reachable to their customers, suppliers and the outside world. For this reason, we were approached by a Law Office in Nairobi. They were planning to expand their business and wanted to deploy an IP telephony system.

The Problem

The client wanted to expand into a second office on the same floor as the first. Therefore, they have two wings with the new set up.

The team used mobile phones to communicate externally. However, with internal communication, colleagues had to move around the office to speak to each other.

The client did not want to use cabling to avoid tampering with the office look and feel and reduce clutter.

The Solution

Looking at the issues raised by the client, we recommended a Wireless IP Telephony solution. Unlike with the regular IP Telephony system, we installed 8 Wi-Fi enabled IP phones, a 30-user IP PBX and an 8-port PoE switch. To allow communication between the IP phones, we opted for 2 Wi-Fi access points that provided power and signal between the IP phones and the IP PBX phone system.

With the Wireless IP Telephony system, one access point was placed in one wing while the other in the second wing. It was easy for the office to expand without major disruption and complexities of the installation process. The transition was clean and simple. IP Phones Kenya

Secondly, by avoiding physical network cabling (LAN), the office its aesthetics. We helped the client avoid the extra costs of cabling. However, lean the budget, we ensured that we achieved our goal with efficiency.

Third, our overall goal is customer satisfaction. So in the end, the teams comfort and productivity were maximized. The WiFi IP phones allowed clear communication and business transactions both internally and externally. The office felt more organized and professional as a result. The receptionist can easily track callers from the telephone console, transfer and hold calls with ease internally. Also, the client also

Again, the access points boosted internet Wi-Fi access to employees and office guests.


The Wireless IP Telephony system for the Law offices solved these problems:

  1. Communication constraint
  2. Cabling
  3. Expansion
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