Polycom VVX 201 IP Phone, Skype for Business Edition - 2200-40450-019

Polycom VVX 201 Business Media Phone for Skype for Business Get a Polycom VVX 201 IP phone that's ready to go with your Microsoft Office 365 or Skype for Business deployment. When part of your Skype for Business unified communications platform, the VVX 201 gives you an always-on handset option...


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Polycom VVX 201 Business Media Phone for Skype for Business

Get a Polycom VVX 201 IP phone that's ready to go with your Microsoft Office 365 or Skype for Business deployment. When part of your Skype for Business unified communications platform, the VVX 201 gives you an always-on handset option with beautiful audio, making your collaboration stronger. The phone has a 132 x 64 pixel monochrome backlit LCD display with two-line keys and four soft keys for contextual actions. VVX 201 supports Better Together over Ethernet (BToE) with your Skype for Business system.

Hardware features

Hookswitch: Holds the handset and end calls.
Line keys: Enable you to select a phone line, view calls on a line, or quickly call a favorite contact.
Speaker: Provides ringer and speakerphone audio output.
Dialpad keys: Enable you to enter numbers, letters, and special characters. You can also use the dial pad keys to select
menu items that have index numbers.
Microphone: Transmits audio to other phones.
Volume keys: Adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer.
Mute key: Mutes local audio during calls and conferences.
Speakerphone Key: Enables you to place and receive calls using the speakerphone.
Headset key: Enables you to place and receive calls through a headset.
Security slot (on the side): Enables you to attach a universal security cable lock to your phone so you can secure it to a desktop.
Navigation keys / Select key: Scrolls through information or options displayed on the phone's screen. Selects a field of displayed data.
Soft keys: Enable you to select context-sensitive keys that display along the bottom of the screen.
Home key: Displays the Home screen from other screens, and displays the Lines and Calls screen from the Home screen.
Screen: This shows a 2.5-inch (6.35 cm) diagonal screen with a backlight that enables you to view menus and data.
Message Waiting Indicator: Flashes red to indicate when you have new messages.

On VVX 201 series phones, only a contact's presence status is displayed on the Lines screen. You can view your contact's activity description in the Contact Information screen.

View the Skype for Business Contacts' Information

You can view contact information for each of your Skype for Business contacts. From the contact card, you can place a call to one of the available numbers for your contact or place a call directly to a contact's voicemail. You can view the following detailed information in the contact card, if available:

  • Name
  • Presence Status
  • Organization
  • Email address
  • Work number
  • Mobile number
  • Home number
  • Voicemail

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