7 Simple Reasons your Internet is Slow and how to Boost WiFi Speed

You will love these 7 Simple Reasons your Internet is Slow and how to Boost WiFi Speed.

Here you are in a beautiful office with clients streaming in due to your adept advertising and sales skills not to mention great products and service. The tech savvy walk-ins will always come with requests to your receptionist,” Hi, do you have Wi-Fi? What’s the password?” The Generation X and Y, who have the money to spend at your business, are busy on the go, with their latest I-Phones, Tabs and IPads, always answering the would you like tea question with a No I actually want the Wi-Fi password. So what do you do when your glamorous well-lit office with a city view has crazy Wi-Fi dry spells all year round?

Here are some key factors that could be the root of you internet troubles and solutions to consider. 

1. Incorrect Hardware 

When choosing hardware to install and deploy in your network several factors come into play for instance; the number of users, use case, ceiling heights, quantity of devices, hardware positioning, size of office, etc. These are questions best answered by professionals like our technical team at Talinda East Africa. Like many startups and SMBs, you are probably guilty of buying your hardware from the internet for that easy and quick bargain. This is often if not always a fail for many of these businesses falling victim buying too many or inadequate devices or worst case scenario, the wrong devices. Did you know that too many APs (Wireless Access Points) can lead to: co-channel interference and improper load balancing?

Networking is a very costly exercise so be wary of making poor choices and consult a professional.

2. Bandwidth issues In defining bandwidth allocation and suitable amounts network audits are your best friend. High bandwidth applications like Torrents hog your Wi-Fi. In a BYOD environment it’s important to check your number of users as well as number of devices each user has to determine dense users e.g. a tablet, PC and mobile phone. Therefore calculate the number of APs versus number of devices. Also note, some POS and CRMs can consume more bandwidth than reading emails. You will love these 7 Simple Reasons your Internet is Slow and how to Boost WiFi Speed.

3. Outdated Hardware

 Frequent technology advancements have led to many devices becoming obsolete within 5 years from release date. End of life hardware leads to weak Wi-Fi signal strength thus slow internet speeds. This can be a huge headache since organizations can grow quite big in 5 years with new and increased staff, superior devices that need Wi-Fi connections like video conferencing systems , trendy desktop devices etc.

At Talinda EA, our team of seasoned account managers and Presales engineers always keep tabs on new technology recommending only devices with long relevancy periods to ensure you deploy your hardware wisely to maximize ROI. 

4. Firmware renewals: Boost WiFi Speed

Installing and relevancy period of hardware is just a tip of the iceberg when determining Wi-Fi signal strength. Since your devices have to remain up-to-date it is important to be on top of firmware updates. Firmware updates come with improved performance, advanced protection features and bug fixes that will optimize performance. Some offices will experience sticky client behavior which is a result of devices connecting automatically to an AP that is quite a distance away yet there is a closer AP. This will reduce your Wi-Fi speed.

5. Configuration Issues affecting better WiFi

At times directly purchasing from manufacturers, distributors, Amazon results in devices without tailored configurations to your office needs. For instance, APs can be programmed to different channels to operate smoothly and avoid co channel interference. Dependent on use, APs can be configured to multiple users i.e. role based access controls allowing specific permissions to certain users or office guests especially due to the sensitivity of information. You will love these 7 Simple Reasons your Internet is Slow and how to Boost WiFi Speed.

6. Internet Plan Quite dependent on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) but whether your space is allocated Dedicated or Shared bandwidth is your choice. With shared bandwidth e.g. 5 mbps will be shared among all available devices, users and businesses. Shared bandwidth is often cheaper than dedicated, suitable for light traffic like home and small office use. Like the name suggests, dedicated bandwidth is dedicated to the user, meaning the business is the only user. The bandwidth plan is the determinant of whether a business has instantaneous or slow dial up internet speeds. We recommend bigger businesses to get dedicated bandwidth from the ISP since they are more likely to use huge applications and large number of users.

7. Poor Installation Take a case scenario of AP type. An AP with External Antenna (directional) has to be placed facing the correct direction pointing towards the coverage area. Internal antenna AP models (omnidirectional) will deliver 365 Degree coverage with highly flexible placement positions. As renowned integrators with more than a decade worth of experience we select APs with the correct features for you ensuring directional APs are not placed in awkward areas like facing a wall. Correct installation is best implemented after a qualified site survey to mark best positioning of equipment. You will love these 7 Simple Reasons your Internet is Slow and how to Boost WiFi Speed.

Enjoy fast WiFi and internet streaming all year round. We optimize your performance through network audits, expert infrastructure design, ensuring our solutions are Simple, Creative and Responsible for you. We understand our clients needs and their technology expectations thus tailor each solution to the need for maximized ROI.

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