What is the difference: PoE & Non PoE Switches

Apr 28 , 2022

Annet Wekesa

What is the difference: PoE & Non PoE Switches

What is the difference: PoE & Non PoE Switches

Lets us learn What is the difference; PoE & Non PoE switches. PoE is a terminology representing “Power over Ethernet”.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technique for delivering DC power to devices over copper Ethernet cabling, eliminating the need for separate power supplies and outlets. While PoE doesn’t add Ethernet data capabilities, it does offer expanded options for how and where Ethernet end devices can be placed.

PoE Switch Vs Non PoE Switch (Ethernet Switch)

To understand the difference between POE and Non POE switches, it is best to first determine what POE means. Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is a modern day technology that lets a network cable provide both power and data for POE enabled devices. With this revolutionary technology, POE allows users can access higher power and significantly reduce the number of cables in a premise. POE is commonly used for network cameras, wireless access points and VoIP phones. 

PoE accessibility

PoE Switch is a networking device with multiple ethernet ports and POE pass through to connect other networks devices. This switch transmits data and provides power over Ethernet/ network cable. Network cables include Cat5 or Cat6. POE switches can be classified into 8/12/24/48 port Gigabit PoE switch, or into managed and unmanaged PoE network switch. 8 port POE switch is common for a home network while 24 port POE works best for business use.

A normal switch, commonly referred to in the industry as Non-POE switch, can only send data to devices in the network. Due to the lack of POE, electrical power is not supplied to the network devices.

Since there is lack of power supply in a normal switch, an extra cable is often needed to connect the devices to power outlets. The ethernet switch can be PoE enabled by adding on a PoE injector between the Switch and Power Devices. The PoE injector will act as the electrical power supplying power and data from the switch therefore delivering the whole package (data and power) to the devices.

POE Vs Non POE Switch, Which one do you choose for your Home or Office? which switch is better? Discover the benefits of POE over Non POE switches.

1. Performance. PoE switch is designed with advanced features like high-performance hardware and software, auto-sensing PoE compatibility, strong network security and environmental adaptability. It provides better performance for users.

2. Flexibility. A PoE switch eliminates to the need for additional electrical cables since it is powered by its existing POE infrastructure allowing users deploy these switches from anywhere.

3. Cost-efficient. With POE Switches users are guaranteed cost savings due to significantly less cables used and no need for POE injector installations.

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