Contact Center Headsets

About Contact Center Headsets

Why contact center headsets? The world is quickly going online. Communication within the office is accelerating at each turn. The pandemic has only span the wheel faster and now businesses are looking for ways to reduce direct contact with customers. They are investing in contact centers and customer support systems that deploy services and engage with customers through phone, email, social or chat.

Presently, companies acknowledge that a successful call center runs on a good contact center software.  In addition, quality internet connection, a PC and contact center headsets.

When choosing headsets, there are many factors to consider like design, compatibility, durability, and comfort. With contact centers, every investment counts. Therefore, let’s dive into critical factors to look into when choosing suitable headsets.

Mobility in contact center headsets (Wired vs wireless)

First, headsets come in different versions of either wireless or wired. Wired headsets are connected directly to the computer. Consequently, they require agents to be stationary with limited freedom of movement.

Their wireless counterparts are connected to the computer via Bluetooth or infrared. This means more mobility to the users. Infrared headsets depend on line of sight, while Bluetooth depend on radio frequency to connect. Therefore, as long as the signal reaches the contact center headset, data will transmit.

Due to dependence on radio signals, wireless headsets are constantly transmitting data resulting in high battery drain. Often, they depend on a lot of power hence frequent recharging or battery replacement is needed. When you connected to a cable allows wired headsets to operate for as long as necessary as they are constantly recharging. Consequently, wired headsets give add significant value to the user than wireless headsets especially if freedom of movement is not a major influencer to the business operations.

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Usually, a major challenge contact centers face is interference resulting from high signal traffic, building infrastructure, duct work arrangement, a lot of metal, wireless internet routers, etc. When calls are coming in and going out of a call center, many signals are transmitted close to one another. Wireless headsets face a lot of interference which wired headsets do not as the latter are connected directly to the computer.

Contact Center Headset Design

The design stems from how headsets look, feel and work. Advancements in technology have led to fancy headset designs but what is important is how the design plays to your contact center achieving its goals. Headsets are made in varying designs from overhead, single earpiece, dual earpiece and behind-the-ear. Great design will affect, comfort, professional look, audio quality as well as your agents’ motivation levels. For instance, dual earpieces headsets allow better audio quality between a caller and a user, making communication flow faster and ensuring caller satisfaction.


Truly, no one wants a heavy headset with zero padding stuck to the ears all day. It is tiring and uncomfortable. Employees work for long hours, 8 on average; a lightweight, ergonomic-featured headset is important to ensure they remain motivated and comfortable.

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In summary, major emphasis is placed on contact center software, phones, and computers, this leaves headsets out of the playing field. In truth, headsets are just as critical as the Contact Center software because they influence the level of employee productivity and motivation. Also, if employees are comfortable and experiencing call clarity while communicating, their productivity will be at optimal levels satisfying the needs of the callers. Talinda Express is a trusted technology shop. We supply quality headsets suitable for contact centers and office use conveniently. Shop today and enjoy special offers on Logitech, Plantronics, Sennheiser headsets. Offer valid while stocks last.