Video Conference System for Better Meetings


Technology advancements and globalization are changing how we do business. VIDEO CONFERENCE SYSTEM. People are increasingly moving to remote working plans therefore requiring instant on-demand communication.

Modern companies are keen on growing and expanding into global markets. As a result, building and maintaining quality relationships with investors, partners, colleagues and clients is high priority.

Video conference systems save time, reduce travel costs, boosts productivity and collaboration while facilitating quality face-to-face meetings.

Video Conference System Defined

It is an audio visual technology that enables users in different locations have face-to-face meetings/ communication without the need to physically meet in one common location. It is a convenient technology for business users in different countries or towns since it saves time, travel costs, and hassles related to business travel. Video conference solutions support audio conferencing, screen sharing, video meetings empowering teams feel more engaged, connected and productive even when in different locations.

Despite this, video conferencing systems and equipment can be quite expensive and intimidating for many businesses. Our modern video conferencing kits, enable individuals and businesses hold important meetings or classes hassle free with low Total Cost of ownership. These kits are easy to use, manage and most importantly, plug-and-play thus reducing the need for technical teams to be involved in set up, installation and configuration process.

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Benefits of a Video Conference System

1. Digital workforce

First, video conference creates a platform for a digital workforce and collaborative meetings. Teams are available online at any time without the need for physical presence. Rich human connections are brewed with overseas teams, suppliers, customers and investors via video conferencing meetings irrespective of physical location.

2. Faster Decision Making

During initiation of business contacts and decision processes, there is a lot of back and forth communication that may require presentations, power points, consultative discussions and demonstrations. Your clients do not have to travel miles away to see how your products and solutions work; while your sales reps don’t have to travel each time to do a presentation or discuss a quotation. Video conferencing makes communication easier and allows faster decision making especially with people in distant locations. Hence, there is ease in carrying out business processes like sales, supplies, procurement, marketing etc.

3. Usability

Collaboration helps teams meet through real time messaging, audio conferencing, video conferencing and screen sharing. Video conferencing equipment is simple to use with plug and play capability and compatibility with platforms like Zoom. Video conferencing provides a clear solution for quality online meetings with simple user interface UI making each meeting fast and easy.

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4. Video Conference System Improves Communication

What strikes todays workforce is mobility, flexibility and open communication over closed and private offices. As motivation, most employees are promised flexible working schedule where some days they can work from home/remotely while others they report to the office. In the same breath, some employees are fully contracted on a remote work basis. Communicating with these teams for reports and regular office meetings is easier through video conferencing as collaboration is seamless even with globally dispersed teams. Conferencing systems bring remote employees face to face with in-office staff helping companies save time, travel cost, boost efficiency, communication while achieving a healthy work/life balance.

5. Saves Time

Video conferencing alleviates the need to make long prior schedules to set meetings. Teams from different locations can converge into a conference meeting within minutes and collaborate. Businesses save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent travelling to distant locations to have a face to face meeting.

6. Saves Travel Costs

While time is saved, in many instances companies will conduct a video meeting with other teams will save on travel costs. Teams travelling to attend meetings often spend money on travel tickets, accommodation, taxi fees, per diem, etc. All these costs have to be catered by the company which reduces profits gained. Video conferencing avoids these costs helping teams meet without having to break the bank travelling long distances.

7. Quality video meetings

Lastly, most conferencing devices have HD cameras that deliver clear sharp life-like images which is not easily achieved on mobile or webcams. Presentations and demos have great clarity when shared on-screen. Furthermore, good quality video conferencing gives your clients and investors a good impression of your business. Also, more confidence to interact with you.