Contactless Access Control Solutions
We have a wide range of contactless access control solutions at Talinda Express. 

In the world today, we are facing the biggest pandemic of our time, Covid-19. Consequently, companies have to rethink solution approaches to meet hygiene standards and exercise precautionary measures to secure their company, employees and customers. Talinda East Africa offers contactless access control systems, IP Camera surveillance and time attendance tracking. Hence, businesses reduce infection and ensure comfortable use. Below are some contactless access control systems to choose from.

1. Biometric Face Recognition

As a result of being based on deep learning technology, innovative and distinctive user identification algorithms, biometric face recognition revolutionizes authentication technology. Businesses enjoy effortless experience thus identifying users precisely even in poor lighting conditions. Some key benefits include:

  • high speed identification
  • ease of analytics
  • people flow management
  • ease of analytics
  • high security
  • high performance in harsh conditions, etc

2. Face Recognition Terminals

Face recognition time attendance also gives employees quick and touchless attendance. While biometric face recognition systems require an IP camera, a server and a door controller, many users prefer an all-in-one time-attendance and access control solution. Consequently, this eases purchase, installation and use. Even in poor lighting conditions, our range of face recognition terminals with deep-learning, set a new and high standard in access control systems.

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3. Bluetooth contactless access control

Truly, we live in the era where over 95 percent of adults between the ages 18-44 own smart phones. As a result, Bluetooth Access Control systems are quite reliable. This system emphasizes the fact that the owner will not have access to his user credentials without having access to the phone. Moreover, if the phone does not work, the credentials will not work. The credential works just like any other app on the phone but the phone must be on and unlocked. The main advantage is the reader’s operating distance guaranteeing contact less functioning. On the downside, authorized parties can also be kept out if their phones are off due to low charge levels.

4. Palm Vein Recognition Technology

Due to the internal vascular pattern in a human’s palm, this system is highly secure and future proof for biometrics. Equally important to fingerprints, the palm patterns are unique to each person but unlike finger prints, the palm veins exist under the skin layer thus impossible to forge like other biometrics. For instance, one of our favourites by Matrix Cosec uses Fujitsu biometric palm vein scanner to provide utmost security and hygiene. Ideal use cases are namely:

  • hospitals

  • R&D centers

  • Factories

  • Corporates, etc


In summary, choosing the right Contactless Access Control, Time Attendance and Surveillance System requires a lot of research. For all organizations, this is a challenge.  Therefore, as systems integrators, we understand the challenges businesses face determining the best system to choose for their variant use cases. Some determinant factors are for example the application, compatibility, scalability and cost. Our specialized technical team is equipped to undertake site surveys, designs and installations for projects of any size.

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