Contactless IPTV Solutions in the face of Covid 19 Pandemic

Contactless IPTV Solutions – Hoteza

Due to the current pandemic around the world, the hospitality industry has been dealt a huge blow. Almost all hotels worldwide had to close their doors in March and April when infection cases spiked. As a result, many hotel staff and suppliers who depend on the success of the industry for their pay have suffered salary cuts or joblessness. The big question now is, are you ready to test your hotel’s survival in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and how do Contactless IPTV Solutions like Hoteza Mobile compare with other hospitality software systems in the face of future pandemics?

As a seasoned system integrator, Talinda East Africa is at the forefront in designing and installing futuristic hospitality IPTV solutions for hotels around Africa. We build creative, robust and modern infrastructure solutions that are also simple for you and your users. As a result, in recent years we have been integrating Hoteza Hospitality Software one hotel at a time. Which begs the question, why Hoteza?

Hoteza is a premium, flexible and intuitive information, communication and entertainment software system designed for the hospitality industry. We recommend it for its uniqueness in incorporating all your guest needs in one software application as well as creating future proof contactless IPTV solutions. Therefore, with a simple hosted device like a Smart TV, Mobile phone or Tablet, your guests can access all the hotel services. Whether it is a service request like the shower not heating, room service orders, conference room schedules, booking hotel taxi, there are no limits to what this app can do.

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Hoteza’s innovation has made it a game changer. In addition to providing services at the guests’ fingertips, Hoteza IPTV Solutions ensure contactless service delivery increasing safety of the guests and staff. Discover brilliant ways we use IPTV systems to ensure contactless interaction between hotel staff and guests.

1. Contactless Self Check-in

Minimize face-to-face contact between your staff and guest during check-in and check-out. With its digital self-service portal for self check-in both guests and the hotel can access real-time status updates using the Hoteza app. This will go a long way to giving your guests a peace of mind from the start of their stay.


Furthermore, we encourage hotels to reduce their carbon footprint significantly by utilizing the app to send feedback questionnaires to the guests during check-out. Making a conscious effort of saving the environment, saving costs of paper and printing materials is a win-win for all parties. Interestingly, instant feedback boosts the guests confidence in the hotel for future visits.
2. Contactless IPTV solution – Mobile Key

Hoteza Mobile Key provides secure guest access to the rooms. It is simple. Once your guest checks-in, he uses his mobile phone to download the Hoteza Mobile App available on iOS and Android. The app will prompt him to input his Last Name and Room Number. An access code is then sent via email or SMS and with that he can then access his room. The Mobile Key is safer as it uses end to end encryption. Furthermore, as a contactless IPTV solution, it encourages more sanitary access to the room. The hotel will minimize loss, damage and demagnetization common with plastic cards. 

3. Touchless Hotel Services

Having your guests download the Hoteza app on their devices opens them to a world of possibilities. Hotel rooms equipped with Hoteza TV can be customized to the Hoteza Mobile App allowing guests to browse hotel facilities like restaurant, room service, spa and more that will also help generate more hotel revenue. The built-in messenger helps guests stay in touch with hotel staff throughout their stay.

Some important hotel services available in the app that would be beneficial to your guests include:-

  • Wake-up call
  • Multilingual Support
  • PMS services like Guest messages, View bill
  • Weather Forecast
  • Web Radio
  • In-Room Orders

4. Contactless IPTV solutions – TV Control and Room Control

Using the app in the mobile phone or tablet guests can screen mirror or TV cast their content to the TV, thus no need for TV remotes. Can you imagine how many hands have been on some of the hotel TV remotes and housekeeping forgot to clean?

In 2012, a study led by the University of Houston on contamination levels in hotel rooms and presented at the American Society of Microbiology, reported that two of the most contaminated items were TV remote controls and bedside lamp switches.

The kind of convenience guests get from this makes them feel right at home. Consequently, the ease of use will also reduce support calls made to the hotel reception regarding operating the room TV screens. Learn more.



In summary, hotels are presently experiencing the toughest times in business. We equip your hotel to survive this pandemic through contactless IPTV solutions like Hoteza. Hotels are built to last generations but most end up being “one hit wonders”. Today, physical renovation and technological innovation is important to remain relevant in the competitive hospitality industry. Talinda East Africa is pulling out all the stops to ensure your hotel’s survival in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ideally, hotels want to experience end-to-end premium Hospitality Solutions. It is due to this reason we choose to partner with Hoteza. Its rich portfolio delivers a single cloud-based back-end and seamlessly integrate with all major Property Management Systems (PMS), Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS) and Point Of Sale (POS) systems. See demo.

Anything for your guests. All in one place.




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