Fortinet Network Security Firewall

As the business world continues to go digital, there’s a greater need for companies to invest in securing their systems from cyber threats. Fortinet network security firewall ensures that your computers and networks are not vulnerable to attacks and hackers by analyzing and monitoring network traffic. Matter of fact, data coming in and out of your network creates a good opportunity for threats that can compromise your operations. Hence, network protection solutions leverage pre-established filters and rules to safeguard your systems. At the same time, they stop viruses and protect from operations shutdowns that cost companies time and resources to restore.

The Fortinet FortiGate NGFWs are network firewalls powered by the latest Network Processor 7 (NP7) and Security Processing Units SPUs. These are purpose built for security driven networking, hybrid and large scale data centers. Thus, help merge traditional technology with today’s tech to deliver optimal digital protection.

While cyber criminals and hackers get better at their trade, our businesses require FortiGate firewalls to deter criminals holding systems hostage, prevent data theft, malware, spyware. We need to stop unauthorized access and malicious programs from getting into our emails, systems, and other sensitive files. Fortinet keeps your data safe and promotes Privacy.

Firewall Features:

  1. Network firewall protection to keep off harmful attacks on networks.
  2. Priority queuing of traffic within the network and deep packet inspection. This ensures quick detection and destruction of bad tools.
  3. Anti-bot and anti-malware detection services, VPN and protection and on-appliance reporting.
  4. Policy based routing, application control, IP address blocking, SSL decryption and email spam filtering tools. Each offers deployment as an on-premises hardware appliance, a virtual appliance or a cloud solution.

Why choose Fortinet Fortigate?

FortiSandbox – Unified Threat Management System

A key Fortinet network security firewall feature that gives it an edge over competitors is its Sandboxing feature which gives an additional layer of protection for your systems. FortiSandbox is a two-step AI-based approach. At-risk and suspicious files are taken through stage 1 of analysis. Thereafter, the tool quickly identifies known and emerging malware via an AI-powered static analysis. FortiSandbox works as a unified threat management system or part of a comprehensive next generation firewall structure. With a sandbox you observe the behavior of potential malware and their effects and proactively defeat them.

Traffic shaping in Fortinet Network Security Firewalls

Moreover, FortiGate’s traffic shaping helps prioritize and order your network systems like emails, outgoing and incoming HTTP traffic, file transfer and voice over internet (telephone) communications. When network traffic is slow, employees and customers’ responses and access to your company is significantly affected leading to loss in revenue. The traffic shaping feature allows you to adjust the allocation of bandwidth resources to different traffic types thus better improve stability and performance.

Central Management

Fortigate has a strong ability to understand and manage application use. Unlike most firewalls that only identify IP addresses, ports and protocols, FortiGate NSFW gives you more. Enjoy visibility of all your open applications in real time. The application views and reports are easy to understand and user-friendly for admins to block or restrict access to suspicious applications. Furthermore, helps optimize your bandwidth by prioritizing, de-prioritizing or blocking network traffic based on applications in use. For example most admins block applications such as  e.g. Facebook & NetFlix, since they don’t add value to the company.

Further, the web browser administrator interface uses graphics, screens and menus for easy navigation, centralized management and reporting. An uncommon feature in most firewalls. Useful features include system and router configuration and monitoring, load balancing, email filtering, antivirus, VPN configuration, intrusion and data leak prevention, Wi-Fi controller management, web caching, WAN optimization and most importantly, user authentication. The Fortigate Firewall dashboard displays your system performance and sends notifications on firmware updates, virus detection, etc.

Single Product Solution

Overall, at a relatively low price point the Fortinet FortiGate firewall has the ability to comprehensively cover your network with a single solution. Admins manage security risks with one single product and one vendor. Talinda East Africa is an official Fortinet Partner. We supply FortiGate NGFWs next-Generation Firewalls, the latest in digital protection. Contact us for installation and solution. Shop Fortinet FortiGate 30E, 40F, 50E, 60F and 61F, 80E, 100E and 201E Firewalls as well as Fortinet FortiWIFi, FortiGate Switch

Finally, we provide Fortinet Licenses. We deliver and install in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Murang’a, Kiambu, Kakamega, Kisii and all major towns in Kenya as well as neighboring countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and Zambia. Call us today for your firewall inquiries.

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