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An Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS is a power system that gives emergency power to equipment when the main power supply or input power source fails. This backup power as it is almost instantaneous protection from power interruptions. There are three main categories of office power backups system namely: offline, online, and line-interactive.

Protect your equipment and applications with our efficient, reliable UPS systems configured to meet the specific needs of your critical applications.

Line interactive BackUPS for Small and Medium Office Power (500VA-7450VA)

Line Interactive UPS from Ksh 6,334

Firstly, Line Interactive UPS are trusted around the world to protect critical data and equipment from power interruption with reliable and efficient network-grade power supply. Mostly, office power backups are available in a variety of classes from entry level, standard and extended run giving you a model for your specific application and budget.

Entry level line interactive UPS models are popular in small and medium businesses. They are an economical choice to protect small networking devices like entry level servers and point-of-sale (POS) equipment. For extended run, these models accept external batteries to allow longer runtime to power critical servers, communication and security systems through outages that could last hours. An ideal UPS for entry level and SMB servers, point-of-sale, switches, routers, switches, and other network devices. Available from 500VA-7450VA

How it works:

With a line-interactive UPS, the inverter is in line and redirects the battery’s DC current path from the normal charging mode to supply current when power is lost. Thus, in smart design, the battery and power inverter connects to the UPS output. When the input power is normal, the inverter of the UPS provides battery charging. When input power fails, the transfer switch opens and the power flows from the battery to the UPS output. As a result, this design provides reduced switching transients as the inverter is always on and connected.


  • High-reliability.
  • High-efficiency.
  • Reasonable voltage conditioning.
  • Lower electricity consumption.
  • Lower operating temperatures.


  • Impractical over 5000VA.
  • Does not protect against all forms of power irregularities.
  • Do not provide frequency regulation or power-factor correction.
  • Require frequent battery use in areas of extreme voltage irregularities

Enterprise Online office power BackUPS (1000VA-40kVA)

Online UPS from Ksh 38,793

Secondly, online office power backups designed for essential power protection and the most unsteady power conditions. Consequently, online UPS’s provide high quality, double-conversion protection designed for critical power protection needs in unstable power conditions. With an interactive interface, users have the ability to manage the UPS functions, schedule automatic shutdowns and monitor the power grid. Consequently, this ensures easy and intuitive monitoring. Critical applications like voice and data networks, heavily loaded network racks, blade servers, medical labs, financial and light industrial applications demand a reliable source of uninterruptible power in demanding and unpredictable power environments. Also, for business-critical systems with longer runtime hours, on-line UPS configured with matching battery packs for the runtime demands.

How it works:

Notably, online UPS is The Ultimate Power Protection using double conversion method accepts AC power input, rectifies it to DC then passes through the rechargeable battery, then inverts back to AC to power the protected equipment. Therefore, failure of the AC input won’t cause transfer switch activation. The batteries keep the power steady and unchanged with absolutely no transfer time during the failure. Once power is restored, the UPS resumes and carries most of the load and begins charging the batteries. Typically, the application for Online UPS is in Communications; Banking; Transportation; Industrial Environments from 1,000VA to 40,000VA.

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  • Good voltage regulation than line interactive UPS.
  • Fast conversion time from DC to AC without coverage gaps.
  • No fluctuations in the voltage, indicating stable voltage quality.
  • Highest protection against power irregularities with its almost ideal electrical output


  • Complex designs require a large heat sink.
  • Higher power dissipation.
  • Overall efficiency of UPS is reduced as the inverter is always on.
  • Relatively high-priced

Stay Connected with Small Office power backups (Offline Backup)

Our power backup Kits starting from Ksh 33,750 (all-inclusive)

Finally, your business needs no interruptions. Internet and Telephony, the most important communication tools and hence, need to stay online at all times. Today most businesses live their worst nightmare due to frequent power outages- some even last a full day or two. Our power backup solution with 780WH ensures your devices like WiFi router, laptops, light bulbs, switch and IP phones stay online for up to 3 hours after a power blackout. Protect your business and equipment from damage and data loss with our power backup Kits starting from Ksh 33,750 (all inclusive).

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We are installers and suppliers of leading UPS brands like APC by Schneider Electric, Vertiv, Eaton, Tripplite, and Mecer. We have over 100 UPSs in our online shop available ex stock and back order.

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