IP Telephony Solution – Jaqanaz Resort NaroMoru, Kenya

IP Telephony Solution – Jaqanaz Resort NaroMoru, Kenya

About Jaqanaz

Located at the heart of NaroMoru, Jaqanaz Resort sits calm with nostalgic views of the Mt Kenya and the Aberdares. The resort is the perfect destination for families and corporates looking for serenity and calm in the oasis of nature’s comforts. Hence, Jaqanaz Resort is the perfect out of town experience for thrill seekers looking for a weekend getaway, family staycation and team building corporate activities with modern ICT services like WiFI, IP Surveillance and IP Telephony Solution. Guests get to experience the true taste of Kenya through games drives, bird watching, nature trails and mountain climbing at the slopes of the Aberdares and Mt Kenya.


Launched in 2017, Jaqanaz has grown tremendously over the years. The resort wanted to expand further and include cottages in its offering. Furthermore, they required room services existent in the resort to reflect and be standard in the cottages. The goal was to ensure that guests who book cottage rooms can communicate to room service, reception and other services just as easy as those in the resort rooms without having to cut corners.

The catch! These cottages are outside the resort (main property) network.

Solution: Connecting IP Telephony Solution

Talinda has partnered with Jaqanaz on ICT projects and infrastructure since its inception in 2017. Consequently, we took up this project to deliver a full integration of IP Telephony Solution. The first step was pulling of network cables from the main server to the cottages set about 100 Meters from the main property. This exercise involved digging trenches, fixing conduits and trunking to ensure clean route creation and structured cabling of the network.

Once the cabling was set for the LAN, we moved on to installing the IP phones and a 24 port PoE Switch in the cottages’ server. The purpose of this switch is to power the IP phones as well as distribute the network signal. The IP phones were configured into the existing IP PBX, an Openvox UC300 IP PBX we installed several years prior.

This IP PBX has a capacity of up to 300 extensions thus perfect for any establishment that has growth potential. Any additional IP phones installed are carried in the IP PBX. All you need is to configure the new extensions. That’s the beauty of modern IP Telephony Solution – it is easier and cheaper to expand!

The PoE switch is connected to a core switch to ensure a unified network across the resort.

Whenever in Naro Moru, visit Jaqanaz Resort and experience modern technology and Zen at its best.

“Thank you so much for a job well done. We appreciate your efficient and speedy delivery and implementation of the IP telephony solution and your team’s work ethic throughout the project” – Jaqanaz Resort IT Manager James Mutahi.