Office Power Backup Saves Businesses in Kenya

Business goes on with the Office Power Backup

History and challenge

Last year we moved in to a new location along Kabarnet Road, off Ngong road, Nairobi. The area is serene and gives us easy access to our clients when we want to make client visits. With all its access roads and amenities, it is basically a hub. A dream location for a team like ours until we realized we had no office power backup. Unfortunately, we faced a big challenge at this new location that we had never experienced before. We were accustomed to office suite add-on services like a standby generator which was not available at our new location. We would experience power black outs so often especially with the frequent rains. This highly affected our team’s productivity and motivation.

Teams would be in office by 8am and by 10am we would face a blackout. Not remotely sure when KPLC would come to our rescue. Sometimes it would take 2 working days for the power to come back on. Since we use an IP Telephony system, our phones would not ring because the Internet was off. Clearly meant no business would be coming in. Our teams couldn’t receive emails and send quotations. They would miss important negotiations due to the sudden loss of power in the office and no backup to ensure constant power supply. Consequently, potential clients would have a poor opinion of us and lacked trust in us. The situation was inconveniencing, inexcusable and unprofessional.

Solution: Office power backup

We decided it was important to install an office power backup solution. Frankly inconveniences caused by power outages are now a thing of the past. The backup is connected to our Wi-Fi routers so they remain on and our internet connection is no longer interrupted. It also powers the rest of the equipment in our cabinet i.e. the server, the IP Pbx and the switch. We receive calls like normal even when there’s no power. The backup is connected to a power source therefore it automatically recharges every time the lights come on making it as low maintenance as possible.

Benefits of office power backup to businesses today

As first hand users, we highly recommend this office power backup. It can also power several home devices at once like your Wi-Fi routers, laptop and TV. Making it possible for children to easily join their zoom classes, you to work from home and also catchup on your favorite TV shows and entertain especially during the festive season. It is a simple to use plug-and-play device so you will not need to make regular calls to technicians for support. We recommend it for startups as well as due to the minimal investment required in comparison to buying a standby generator. Moreover, you will enjoy the fact that it is not noisy. See more details 

Shop our Office Power BackUp offer today and have it delivered across Kenya: Nairobi, Kisumu, Kakamega, Nakuru, Naivasha, Eldoret, Garissa, Thika, Kiambu, Murang’a, Mombasa, Kilifi, and more.