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What is Linkyfi

Linkyfi is a Wi-Fi Management Software and marketing tool that utilizes conditional access to Internet to collect data about users. When logging into the Linkyfi platform users are encouraged to surf the internet for free with the possibility of getting discounts, or attractive. Once logged in, users are given choices of how to access free Wi-Fi e.g. by entering their phone number, email address, logging in via social media or filling in a questionnaire. This information about clients helps businesses create and send customized adverts and campaigns to these clients. Other attractive possibilities from using the platform include virtual points, virtual menus, navigation to select places, etc.

Types of data gathered on the platform

Login type, age, sex, demographics, places of interest, frequency, duration, and time of visits, density of people, flow of clients, movement direction and a lot more.

Linkyfi Wi-Fi Management Software Use Cases


Via Linkyfi, using the virtual menu option, a client in a restaurant can order a meal they want directly from their mobile phone. This helps bring convenience to your clients, staff, and speeds up the ordering process.

Clients can be offered virtual stamps which are like loyalty cards in a mobile form. These stamps can be redeemed for free meals, discounts on their next meal etc. This helps businesses build their relationship with customers turning them to loyal customers.

After the meal, a client may be requested to fill out a short survey regarding the quality of service and products which can be done easily on the Linkyfi platform.  With great reviews, the restaurant’s visibility in the Internet is boosted.

Shopping Mall

When used in a shopping mall, Linkyfi allows the mall to send a warm welcome message to every client that visits the premise with a personalized message on the phone screen. Furthermore, the mall can share more information like sales, events, activities to discover and current promotions.

Linkyfi is an important tool for clients to navigate to select locations that interest them. By choosing an appropriate category on the platform stating they are looking for a pair of shoes, a user can be directed to a personalized path within the mall where they can find shoe stores. Also, as a form of Event-Based Marketing, the platform can allow you to send clients push messages with information on discounts available in the shops they are passing by.

After enjoying a day at the mall, Linkyfi can navigate the client to his car using the shortest route which helps enhance the attractiveness of the business.


Travelers logging on to access free Wi-Fi at the airport can access an array of information from arrivals, departures, restaurants or gift shops within the premises. A traveler can be navigated to desired destinations Additionally, they may be notified in real time via text about their itinerary with information on flight delays, security wait times, gate changes Airports also make money from Wi-Fi access by limiting free access for only stipulated time periods which when exceeded can be charged. With so many available features, Linkyfi is a great tool for places with public transport like bus and railway stations.

WiFi Management Software in Cinemas             

The platform offers virtual stamps (loyalty points) which clients can redeem for free tickets, snacks or discounts. Furthermore, with Event-Based Marketing the cinema can send information regarding movies, premiers, discounts to clients within their Wi-Fi range.

Chain store

Linkyfi enables thorough traffic analysis at a given time and place. It shows the direction of movement by clients and their paths they frequently choose. This data helps evaluate daily workload and plan e.g. the number of staff working in a shift increasing efficiency and client satisfaction. This information is also utilized when doing ad campaigns and deciding the places in the store you can display your ads that are popular with customers.


For tech savvy clients and hotels, the option of ordering food and services directly from a mobile phone is a welcome idea. Linkyfi allows this. Moreover, when logging in clients are shown hotel regulations, meal times, discounts, events happening, etc. The navigation tool is also accessible to guests who want to discover amenities like fitness center, restaurants, and spa. Finally, at the end of their stay, clients can rate and review the hotel on the platform by completing a survey.

Deployment of Linkyfi Wi-Fi Management Software

A wide range of possibilities available on Linkyfi make it a great platform for diverse facilities such as hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, cinemas, pubs and more. The solution is customized and deployed in the cloud or on premise depending on the application and needs of the venue. The cloud based solution is offered as a SaaS or software. Locations are connected to Linkyfi via a web-based application often don’t need on-premise setup as the service is already configured to work most access point models.

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Wi-Fi Hotspot Management Software

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