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Showing 1 - 24 of 1240 products
RUCKUS C110 Access Point - TalindaExpress
Ruckus RUCKUS C110 Access Point
Sale priceKSh0.00
Fortinet  Firewalls FG-81F-BDL-950-13
Ruckus R850 Access Point - TalindaExpress
Ruckus Ruckus R850 Access Point
Sale priceKSh0.00
D-Link NCB-C6UGRYR1-1 UTP Cat6 1M Patch Cord
Office Automation Bundle - TalindaExpress
TalindaExpress Office Automation Bundle
Sale priceKSh303,375.00
4 Bedroom & Above Automation Bundle - TalindaExpress
2-3 Bedroom Automation Bundle - TalindaExpress
1 Bedroom Automation Bundle - TalindaExpress
ORVIBO Mixswitch 1 gang, Neutral connection
Linksys 8-Port GE Managed PoE Switch
Teltonika TSW100 Ethernet PoE Switch - TalindaExpress
XGS 136 Xstream Protection: XF1T1CSES 12 months - TalindaExpress
Juniper MX204-HW-BASE Router-switch
Juniper Juniper MX204-HW-BASE Router-switch
Sale priceKSh3,802,500.00
Siemon Cat 6A UTP Pure Copper Ethernet Cable 305M - TalindaExpress
Ray R6A-E In-wall Access Point - TalindaExpress
Ray Ray R6A-E In-wall Access Point
Sale priceKSh43,455.00
Logitech 960-001242Logitech 960-001242
Logitech Logitech 960-001242
Sale priceKSh435,621.78
Ruckus T350 Unleashed Access Points - TalindaExpress
Sangoma PBXact 400 Appliance - TalindaExpress
Sangoma Sangoma PBXact 400 Appliance
Sale priceKSh467,220.00
Logitech 960-001352Logitech 960-001352
Logitech Logitech 960-001352
Sale priceKSh517,979.88
Logitech 960-001340Logitech 960-001340
Logitech Logitech 960-001340
Sale priceKSh517,979.88
Sangoma FreePBX1200   PBX Systems - TalindaExpress
Sangoma Sangoma FreePBX1200 PBX Systems
Sale priceKSh935,220.00
Sangoma FreePBX100  PBX Systems - TalindaExpress
Sangoma Sangoma FreePBX100 PBX Systems
Sale priceKSh186,420.00

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