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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products
Logitech MeetUp Video Conferencing Systems and Solutions
Save KSh15,400.00
Video Conference LOGITECH GROUP USB-960-001057 - TalindaExpress
Logitech Video Conference LOGITECH GROUP USB-960-001057
Sale priceKSh159,600.00 Regular priceKSh175,000.00
Save KSh6,000.20
Logitech Rally 4k
Logitech Logitech Rally 4k USB PTZ Camera - 960-001226
Sale priceKSh181,959.00 Regular priceKSh187,959.20
LOGITECH? HD WEBCAM C525 - USB 960-001064 - TalindaExpress
Logitech C930e Webcam Shop at TalindaXpress Call Now 0208077704
Logitech Logitech C930e Webcam
Sale priceKSh19,995.00
Logitech Camera
Logitech Logitech Camera C920
Sale priceKSh14,574.38
Logitech ConferenceCam
Logitech C922 Pro Webcam
Logitech webcam (2)
Logitech Logitech C925e Webcam
Sale priceKSh21,000.00
Save KSh3,200.00
Logitech Logitech C920 HD PRO WEBCAM
Sale priceKSh17,800.00 Regular priceKSh21,000.00
Logitech  960-001237Logitech  960-001237
Logitech Logitech 960-001237
Sale priceKSh360,710.96
Logitech 960-001242Logitech 960-001242
Logitech Logitech 960-001242
Sale priceKSh435,621.78
Logitech 939-001644
Logitech Logitech 939-001644
Sale priceKSh34,730.59
Logitech 939-001647Logitech 939-001647
Logitech Logitech 939-001647
Sale priceKSh42,405.66
Logitech 989-000430Logitech 989-000430
Logitech Logitech 989-000430
Sale priceKSh58,941.00
Logitech 939-001487
Logitech Logitech 939-001487
Sale priceKSh21,346.20
Logitech 939-001490
Logitech Logitech 939-001490
Sale priceKSh26,921.70
Logitech 960-001102Logitech 960-001102
Logitech Logitech 960-001102
Sale priceKSh138,213.40
Logitech 989-000405
Logitech Logitech 989-000405
Sale priceKSh36,161.10
Logitech 939-001498Logitech 939-001498
Logitech Logitech 939-001498
Sale priceKSh15,292.80
Logitech 960-000867
Logitech Logitech 960-000867
Sale priceKSh39,478.08
Logitech 960-001324Logitech 960-001324
Logitech Logitech 960-001324
Sale priceKSh585,092.97
Logitech 960-001340Logitech 960-001340
Logitech Logitech 960-001340
Sale priceKSh517,979.88

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